Automatic scrolling


I made a table using this tutorial:

I put the GtkTreeView in a GtkScrolledWindow. I'm adding new items to the table. Now my question is: Is it possible to automatically scroll the window so the last added row is visible?

Inspecting class methods

This examples shows how to discover on your own what the methods for a given widget are, from the actual current implementation, instead of relying on documentation. You can obviously use it to examine other classes, but this sample code shows the methods of classes Gtk and GtkWindow.

In addition, this example shows how to line up vertically by the top the contents of panes in a GtkHBox, just like vertical-align does in CSS. In this example, we use it to align the two lists because they are of very different lengths.

Display XPM Images in a Scrolled Window

This snippet loads all the XPM pictures it can find in its directory, and displays them horizontally in a scrolled window, as thumbnails.

GtkHtml and Glade

Hi, there is a way to use the gtkhtml component with glade / phpgtk.

In glade, create a GtkScrolledWindow and add a Custom component with gtk_html_new as creation function name.

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