PHP-GTK without a connection to X

It is such a shame, that to use functions like io_add_watch(), you have to have a connection to X. This prevents us from creating "real" server-applications, which can run on a machine without any graphical user-interface running on it.

Does anyone know how to get around this? Is there another extension which can do the same as io_add_watch(), timeout_add() and more? Or is it possible to "fake a X-server"?

CommandWidget - a terminal like widget for php-gtk

Command widget demo The CommandWidget is nearly like a terminal and allows the user to issue commands to a shell and view the result in a GtkTextView widget.

Non-blocking I/O with Gtk::io_add_watch()

This is a sample code to demonstrate the use of Gtk::io_add_watch(). The main goal of this function is to handle socket IO without blocking. Socket polling is done in Gtk::main() loop. You don't need to care about socket polling. This task is done by Gtk and Glib.

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