Editable cells within GtkTreeView


this script is based on example in the PHP-GTK 2 manual, which was left unfinished. So here is a working example with editable columns.

TreeViewPhpModel class - an easy way to build visual tree with GtkTreeView widget

What ?

Building a list for php-gtk2 using the complete framework is really complex task. When you only need to display a data tree and collect user selection, please, use this class. It very easy to use, no need to take care of complex GtkTreeView classes.

PhpGtkDirectoryTree: displaying a directory tree

Displaying a directory tree with php-gtk is not really simple. But with a little help, you will be able to create a new Widget Tree based on GtkTreeView. You can create new widgets with php-gtk in a few lines of code. This task is far more involved with pure C/Gtk code.

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