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Site upgrade on 2013-05-01

The PHP-GTK community site was upgraded from Drupal 5 at long last, after it got hacked with minimal damage in April. That long overdue upgrade was an occasion to update both Drupal core and contrib code and the site custom code to more recent versions and higher quality/security levels. It is always humbling to revisit one's code 5 years later and see how what seemed like a good idea one day may appear like something one would never have written, in retrospect.

Damage and recovery

How to: PHP 5.3 with PHP-GTK and Cairo on Linux Mint 9

At the moment there are some minor problems when trying to get a working installation of PHP with GTK running on Ubuntu based systems. Here is a quick walk through of how you can get this all set up with the trunks from GTK and Cairo and the official package for php-cli in 10 easy steps. This installation was originally done on Linux Mint 9 but should work with most Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

Accessing geo-nick with Pear XML_RPC2

Here you will find another version using PEAR's XML_RPC2 package.

It also converts the values returned into a RDF xml:

Hello Php-Gtk Community!

i am Mte90 and i have actually 18 years. I'm a web programmer principally but when i have decide to abandon Windows on my notebook i have opted for Sidux (debian sid). But in windows i was a programmer and the .net framework it isn't for linux. I have decided to develop in this good language!
I begin the italian translator of this site for the italian!
I develop for the cms that i use in the php language. The name is New-Cms and is a flat cms.
I like jquery and retain that this iste is a good point to learn this language!

Hello everybody!!!

World map of PHP-GTK developers

The site now hosts a map of the registered members of the PHP-GTK community. You can find it here.

Data review

On that occasion, I reviewed the coordinates given by existing members and noticed a good number had visibly inverted latitude and longitude; so I inverted them again to place them where it appeared to make more sense (are there really PHP-GTK devs in the middle of the pacific, or near the South pole ?). So you may want to double-check your coordinates to make sure the values are correct, because it's likely I've not found every error. Remember: latitude is the North-South one, typically from -68 (Ushuaia, Argentina) to +64 (Fairbanks, Alaska), and longitude is the East/West one, from -150 (Anchorage, Alaska) to 174 (Auckland, New Zealand).

Room for improvement

What I'd really like is for the PHP-GTK Brazil community to allow us to list their members here, just like we already offer that access with the geo-nick API.

One small thing: see the GTK marker on the map ? If someone with better graphics skills can come up with a better set of Google Maps markers than this one I just created, by all means send it, so everyone can benefit !

Translation team

Here are the courageous members of the community in charge of the national translations of In parentheses is their IRC nickname on #php-gtk:

Jan Popsisil (Fosfor)
Frédéric G. Marand (osinet)
Harald Thoeny (seraphim)
Daniele Scasciafratte (Mte90)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Elvis Oliveira (Elvis)

Want to join in ? Just contact us.

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