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About Me

Ok so about me

I'm 25 years old I live in London (UK), I work as a PHP dev for an e-commerce company.

I like to use PHP to do creative things like CMSs (I do allot of work with our CMS @ work).

The first language I learnt is JavaScript like PHP it's syntax is rooted in C so it's easy to read.

I like to use XHTML/JS/CSS to make cool GUIs (with jQuery too). goes multilingual

For a start, French and German were the only additional languages available, but others have been added since then, and if you feel like starting translations in another language, just contact the site team.

PHP-GTK2 Documentation update

I have been working on the php-gtk documentation the last few weeks. I finally have an updated version of the manual.

Unfortunately its not on the main site, so I have uploaded it here: now supports OpenID login

OpenID logo So you forgot your password to once more ? No longer be weary, you can now login to the site with your favorite OpenID credentials, and forget the site-specific password.

Gataka: the PHP-GTK IRC bot

The community site is now host to an IRC bot named Gataka (for "GTK"), helping users on the Freenode IRC channel for PHP-GTK, at irc://

Gataka on IRC

Its main features are:

  • API reference: ask about PHP-GTK elements (case does not matter) and Gataka will return links to their reference on the main PHP-GTK site. Examples: atk? returns the links to the ATK static functions page and the ATK enums page. gtkentry? returns the link to the GtkEntry class reference page.
  • User tracking: "seen foo" returns the last quote from foo
  • Factoids: teach the bot like: Gataka: foo is bar and query it with foo? to receive bar as an answer. Make it forget with Gataka: forget about foo
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