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Exporting geo-nick information to GoogleEarth

Inspired by Marc Quinton I made an application for on-line generating KML files with the GPS coordinates of developers here. It can be used as a simple example of using some Gtk widget, PHP DOM extension, XMLRPC and for flying over our heads - enjoy :)

The results of the 2007 IDE poll are in !

Following a two-weeks poll, a first for the community site, the results for the development environment used by PHP-GTK developers are in.

Results for the sprint 2007 IDE poll on

Unsurprisingly, Eclipse and Zend Studio come ahead of the IDE pack (most PHP developers seem to favor the Zend-led Eclipse PDT over alternative plugins), with a major difference over the smaller players (from 25% for Zend Studio down to 4% for the next choice) Surprises are elsewhere:

geo_nick API

The site offers "geo-nick", a simplistic API to obtain this information coupled with the optional IRC nick field, to allow any developer to create mashups showing community PHP-GTK developers, as identified by nickname (no actual name information is made available through this API) on a map.

access_stats API

The site offers "access_stats", a simplistic API to obtain actual live statistics from the site over XML-RPC, to allow any developer to work with real data when creating charts with PHP-GTK.

access_stats API

  • method name: gtkphpnet.access_stats
  • parameters: none
  • returns: date-indexed array of number of nodes shown


This function is used on the site itself to produce the chart (using GD) shown in the site handbook about access stats.

RPC services on this site

This site offers several XML-RPC services to PHP-GTK developers, in order to help them work out their dev skills with distributed programs.

Accessing the XML-RPC services

These services are available from this site using the following set of parameters:

Accessing geo-nick with Zend Framework (Zend_XmlRpc_Client)

Closing the tour of XML-RPC implementations usable with PHP-GTK, the shortest code to access our geo_nick service makes use a higher-level XML-RPC library: the Zend_XmlRpc_Client from the Zend Framework.

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