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Agata Report

Screenshot of Agata ReportAgata Report is a graphical tool, written in PHP-GTK that allows you to edit and get SQL results from several Databases.

It connects to database, lists its tables, fields and allows linking among tables, make constraints, orders, to apply functions and make queries. It generates results to PostScript or TXT file.

World map of PHP-GTK developers

The site now hosts a map of the registered members of the PHP-GTK community. You can find it here.

Data review

On that occasion, I reviewed the coordinates given by existing members and noticed a good number had visibly inverted latitude and longitude; so I inverted them again to place them where it appeared to make more sense (are there really PHP-GTK devs in the middle of the pacific, or near the South pole ?). So you may want to double-check your coordinates to make sure the values are correct, because it's likely I've not found every error. Remember: latitude is the North-South one, typically from -68 (Ushuaia, Argentina) to +64 (Fairbanks, Alaska), and longitude is the East/West one, from -150 (Anchorage, Alaska) to 174 (Auckland, New Zealand).

Room for improvement

What I'd really like is for the PHP-GTK Brazil community to allow us to list their members here, just like we already offer that access with the geo-nick API.

One small thing: see the GTK marker on the map ? If someone with better graphics skills can come up with a better set of Google Maps markers than this one I just created, by all means send it, so everyone can benefit !

Nitwit : a microblogging client

Nitwit is a cross-platform microblogging client for Twitter, Jaiku and other platforms including Jabber and IRC.


screenshot for GTKSMSSend SMS from your PC using PHP-GTK : GTKSMS allows users to send messages to cellphones (SMS) without needing a phone.

PHP-GTK Builder

screenshot for PHP-GTK BuilderPHP GTK Builder is a RAD tool which can help build lightweight php-gtk applications.

RPC services on this site

This site offers several XML-RPC services to PHP-GTK developers, in order to help them work out their dev skills with distributed programs.

Accessing the XML-RPC services

These services are available from this site using the following set of parameters:

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