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Xs and Os

Simple application, some kind of Tic-Tac-Toe game reader

screenshot for reader This program reads the RSS from "" and shows it to the user. The UI includes vote batons "+", "-" and "[:|||:]"

PGID3 v2.1

screenshot for PGID3 v2.1 PGID3 is an ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag editor for MP3 files. This new version sports a completely rebuilt user interface even though it looks exactly the same as before, now taking advantage of the PHP5 OOP model.

Also starting with this version PGID3 is now under the BSD License.


screenshot for MkDevDVD MkDevDVD is a /dev/dvd manager for Linux, which in itself does not sound too exciting. It allows you to quickly switch /dev/dvd between a symbolic link to your CDROM device, or mount a DVD ISO so that media players like Xine and Mplayer work correctly when looking up your DVD.

Desktop Gadget - a small widget moving around your screen

DesktopGadget demo 1 The DesktopGadget is a small window moving around you desktop screen ; it's a container widget and is able to contains usefull object for short information or notification.

Click Fast! - Are you cool?

Click the "Click me!" button as fast as you can. If you make it to 10, you're cool! If the computer drops you down to -10, you're not cool. :P This small application features the use of Gtk::timeout_add() and Gtk::timeout_remove() in a Glade-built user interface.

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