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PHP-GTK 2 Beta !

The PHP-GTK team is proud to announce the release of a beta version of PHP-GTK 2. This release, aptly named extension extravaganza, brings with it tons of new features that you can look forward to:

Call for PHP-GTK speakers at the PHP Forum 2007

Logo Forum PHP 2007AFUP, the french association of PHP developers, is setting up Forum PHP 2007 in Paris for 2007-11-21/22.

Their are looking for French speaking experts, who want to share their know-how and enthusiasm. This two day conference features one technical day, with the most advanced PHP techniques and a business day, with case studies and examples of successful projects..

Readying for PHP-GTK 2 Beta : new classes

As you have probably already read elsewhere, the PHP-GTK development team is readying for PHP-GTK 2 beta, with many new widgets from the recent GTK+ versions.

This would be a good time for community members to create small samples demonstrating each and every one of the new widgets, to go to the single widgets tutorials section on this site, in order to alleviate the workload on the core developers and leave them free to work on the more difficult parts of PHP-GTK itself.

Exporting geo-nick information to GoogleEarth

Inspired by Marc Quinton I made an application for on-line generating KML files with the GPS coordinates of developers here. It can be used as a simple example of using some Gtk widget, PHP DOM extension, XMLRPC and for flying over our heads - enjoy :)

ispMonitor - an easy to use Ping frontend.

screenshot for ispMonitorispMonitor is a easy to use GUI for the ping command, allowing one to monitor network defects over broadband ADSL Internet connections. ispMonitor takes care of dropped or late packets. Results are displayed both visually and in a text window.

CommandWidget - a terminal like widget for php-gtk

Command widget demo The CommandWidget is nearly like a terminal and allows the user to issue commands to a shell and view the result in a GtkTextView widget.

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