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Dial widget - a graphical widget to display an analog value.

Dial widget The Dial widget is a graphical object which displays an analog value. This is a direct port of the Gtk tutorial about creating graphical widgets

ScrollingLabel - a funny label widget with scrolling capabilities

ScrollingLabel widget demo ScrollingLabel is a dynamic label which scrolls from all sides when the parent widget is not large enough. This widget can be used when you need to build very compact interfaces and display long strings of information.

Timer class : simplifying gtk::timeout_add

The Timer class simplifies the use of delays between user actions, without freezing the UI.

freeFAX - Fax Over IP

screenshot for freeFAXfreeFAX is a very small php-gtk2 application to send faxes using an Internet Service Provider fax gateway.

Gul 2.0 XUL parser for php-gtk 2

screenshot for Gul 2.0Gul 2.0 is a free XUL interpreter for the PHP-GTK2 extension.

Gul enables you to simplify the developer's work and supports cascading style sheets (CSS) to customize applications. XUL can then be used just like Glade to build the UI for your PhpGtk applications.

geo_nick API

The site offers "geo-nick", a simplistic API to obtain this information coupled with the optional IRC nick field, to allow any developer to create mashups showing community PHP-GTK developers, as identified by nickname (no actual name information is made available through this API) on a map.

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