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Site goals

This site is dedicated to existing and aspiring PHP-GTK developers looking for information beyond the reference available on the main http://gtk.php.net site and individual blogs, by providing a central point for linking in and submitting individual contributions.

Intellectual property and licensing

The PHP-GTK and PHP elephpant logos, all posts authored by "PHP-GTK Editors", and all posts dated prior to 01 november 2006 are © 2001-2006 The PHP Group and licensed under the terms outlined at http://gtk.php.net/copyright.php.

After that date, all other contributors have had to agree to licensing their contributions to the site publisher under the terms outlined below before being allowed to contribute.

Creative Commons License All posts dated after 01 november 2006 are © 2006-2013 by OSInet, and are licensed under the Creative Commons BY SA 2.0 FR license.

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This site is hosted in France, by PHPnet.org. The site publisher is Ouest Systèmes Informatiques SARL, commonly referred to under its well-known registered signage OSInet. The director of publication, as understood under french law, is at any time the current chief executive office for OSInet.

Legal information regarding the publisher is available on the publisher's french site, OSInet.fr

XML-RPC is a trademark of UserLand Software, Inc.

Third party content

Syndicated content available temporarily on the site is only presented in the form under which it is published by third party site maintainers, basically bloggers and the PHP-GTK main site. The licensing terms vary from site to site, and you must always rely on the original site information instead of the summaries found on this site to ascertain the licensing status of such content.

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