This topic is created to gather all recommendations gathered over time from the most frequently asked questions on the mailing lists and on IRC. So go ahead, add your own Q&A, and I'll update the main post as required !

The FAQ itself

  1. On Windows: missing intl.dll error: this is the GNU libintl (internationalization library). Download it from the Gimp site. If you use another version, make sure the build matches your php.exe build
  2. php_gtk should only be used with php cli sapi, it does not work with other sapis, quit giving us apache errors.
  3. MySQL is not bundled in Win32 binaries due to license incompatibilities: just add libmysql.dll to the main PHP-GTK2 folder, and your choice of PHP extension to the ext folder, like php_mysql.dll, then enable the extension in php-cli.ini
  4. php-gtk objects cannot be cloned - gtk objects cannot be cloned so it is not something fixable in PHP. If you try to clone you will segfault
  5. how to have code completion in an editor:
    • Zend Studio: add gtk2CodeComp.php to <studio dir>/lib, next to phpFunctions4.php and phpFunctions5.php, and restart it.
  6. where to find nightly builds for Windows (win32):
  7. compiling a PHP-GTK application (PHP 5.2) to binary executable format: There is currently no PHP-GTK2 solution. However, you can just package your application as a single file or phar
  8. avoiding the cmd.exe window when starting PHP-GTK applications (Win32): use php-win.exe instead of php.exe. They work exactly the same except that php-win.exe does not spawn a dos window.

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Further detail

The intl.dll problem is a known packaging error from the php-gtk2 alpha on windows and will be fixed in newer releases.

The gtk2CodeComp.php file is currently not part of a php-gtk2 distribution, and this URL appears to be the only place where it can be found yet.

Builds at Perisama are not really nightly, but they are the most frequently updated builds for Windows. Perisama intro.