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Interim news from the PHP-GTK team: progress being made between versions, new features added...

New layout on the official website of the php-gtk (

Good day,

I changed the official website of the php-gtk at

  • Now it is multi-language.
  • For now the site is in English and Portuguese Brazil.
  • Today we have few links, but I hope that the community help us make improvements.
  • 5361 files were changed for me, including the manual files which now has four formats for download.
  • Next week I shall provide a page where you will know how to help the project.
  • With the release of PHP 7, I will start the development of php-gtk 3.

I ask those who want to publicize your software, to send screens and a description in Portuguese and English so I put on the official website.

Thank you

Un nouveau dépôt pour le projet PHP-GTK

Bien que le site principal de PHP-GTK sur n'en fasse pas (encore ?) mention, le développement de PHP-GTK est toujours actif, mais se déroule dorénavant sur une infrastructure plus récente, ayant migré vers Github comme nombre d'autres projets.

About "PHP-GTK installer for windows"

A PHP-GTK installer for Windows, it includes PHP-GTK (PHP 5.3.4 + php-gtk snap + cairo), PHP Extensions, some Gtk Locales, File Associations and demo scripts

screenshot for PHP-GTK installer

Fixed incompatibility between extensions and core due to version mismatch

You can install only PHP-GTK core files, the full install or choose what to install. Made with Inno Setup, questions, suggestions and feature requests are welcome

Un an plus tard...

Juste un mot pour rassurer la communauté PHP-GTK : le développement continue ! Le projet a été séparé en plusieurs sous-projets, PECL/Cairo, GLib, GObject, etc.

Bien que le développement soit lent, il y a toujours quelques fous qui travaillent dessus tard dans la nuit.

Retenez votre souffle!

P.S. Si d'aventure vous êtes assez fou pour vouloir aider le projet PHP-GTK à reprendre de l'élan, les membres sont très accueillants. Retrouvez-nous sur le canal #php-gtk de Freenode.

pkStart - yet another start menu

From my first uses of PHP-GTK, I found it lacked an installer. Something that gives more confidence than zillions of zipped files. Thus was born PiGii.

Months later, I needed a "tail" utility for MS-Windows. Thus appeared pkTail.

A few weeks later, I searched for an application launcher: something similar to the well-known "Start" menu. The time had come for pkStart.

  • The pkStart icon (with its tip) in the system tray:


I created a new PHP-GTK group in the Open Source University Meetup from SUN. The link is:


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