screenshot for Frifinans FriFinans is an accounting/bookkeeping/ERP system for medium sized companies that are not satisfied with web-type systems and who needs an cross-platform, client-server, multi-user system with a fast and rich-featured client.

FriFinans (the application) is available in both english and danish (via locales) - only the official website is in danish (new website will be coming up soon!)

emuControlCenter 0.99

screen of emuControlCenter 0.99emuControlCenter (ecc) is a rom-manager for retro and new console/computer games. ecc is build for people who want's to play retro games quick 'n' easy, without searching to much, ECC supports images and previews them directy in the 'Resultview'. Also there is a 'ImageCenter' build-in for a fullsize preview!

emuControlCenter 0.9.9 WIP04
emuControlCenter 0.9 released
The biggest update in emuControlCenter history has been done. This release contains many new features, requested by the users of ecc and fixes the most known bugs.

Consultants PHP-GTK

Les membres de la communauté listés ci-dessous ont choisi d'indiquer dans leur profil sur le site qu'ils proposent des services professionnels pour PHP-GTK:

pewpew - PHP's Embedded Webserver

screenshot for pewpew This is a tiny tool that allows you to launch the built in PHP 5.4 HTTP test server with a few clicks. It allows you to select which PHP binary you want to use (in case you have multiple on your system) and the document root of the test server.

Tazu-Time (formerly PST-Timesheet) Now Open Source

This well established timesheet program using php-gtk2 is now an open source project.

See :

Homepage and Binary :

Installateur PHP-GTK pour Windows

Installateur pour PHP-GTK sur Windows, incluant PHP-GTK (PHP 5.3 + php-gtk snap + cairo), des extensions PHP, certaines localisations Gtk, des associations de types de fichiers, et des scripts de démonstration.

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