Which development environment do you use most for PHP-GTK ?

Zend Studio
25% (37 votes)
Delphi for PHP
3% (4 votes)
30% (45 votes)
Tulip IDE
4% (6 votes)
3% (4 votes)
1% (1 vote)
3% (5 votes)
4% (6 votes)
PHP-GTK Builder
0% (0 vote)
1% (2 votes)
Non-integrated code editor like Context, vim, bluefish
26% (39 votes)
Total votes: 149



I use Bluefish with all the extra toolbars and other features turned off so that it is the equivalent of Notepad with syntax colour and tabs. Can't stand letting things do the grunt work for me.

Bluefish added

For whomever this may be of interest to: http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/index.html

Regrettably, editing the poll choice means previous votes were lost. Sorry people, you'll have to vote again...

Weaverslave / gPHPedit

I myself prefer a simple editor. I like it to have code highlighting and maybe a function to look up php manuals without leaving the editor and ability to add custom shortcuts to execute commands. On my Windows box I mostly use Weaverslave therefore, on my BSD box I currently make use of gedit, but maybe I will switch to gPHPedit, a modified gedit version with enhancements towards php development, like parameter list popups and the like.

As I saw lot of you have choosen Non-integrated code editor too. Which ones do you use?



When I have a quick fix to do on Win32, and I'm not currently in a dev session, I tend to use a simple editor too, and for this I prefer Context, because this is much faster that starting Zend or Eclipse.

On AIX or Linux, I simply use vi in a terminal session. Before stabilizing on Zend Studio, I also used PHPide for some time, mostly because of the PHPdocumentor integration (not to be confused with the Eclipse plugin by the same name).

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