The new bot "Gataka" logs #php-gtk. Regarding log publication, should it :

Make the logs public on
47% (15 votes)
Make the logs available only to registered users on
31% (10 votes)
Make the logs available only to the team, for debugging/stats
3% (1 vote)
Stop logging and drop all existing logs
19% (6 votes)
Other choice, please add a comment
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 32


Additional notes about the poll choices

Some might wonder about the "available only to registered users on" choice. Two reasons for that:

  • it will (mostly) keep crawlers off-limits, since these will not be able to log in and will receive "access denied" errors instead, thus preserving a relative anonymity to IRC users, with their chat transcripts not being available on the web, except to fellow (registered) PHP-GTK regulars. Conversely, general viewability of the logs seems to be a privacy problem, since any crawler will be able to access them
  • why allow only users registered on this specific site, not on other sites ? Actually, this might be doable, but it would need cooperation with the webmasters on other sites to share authentication, and in all cases slow down log access and increase system load. And since most users, past and present, are already registered on this site, this does not significantly change the population allowed to access the logs

Another question would be : "why not purge the logs after a reasonable delay ?" primarily because one never knows when questions can find an answer in the logs. But if you have an idea and reasoning about what would be a reasonable delay, please submit a comment below.

Additional notes:

  • whatever the final choice, log publication will actually begin AFTER it has been announced on site, and all earlier logs erased, to avoid any worries about retroaction.
  • in the final decision, the votes of registered members will carry a heavier weight than anonymous votes, because these are more likely to belong to actual community members. So, if you want to make your vote really count: log in before voting !


If a user is worried about logging they should never use the internet, since a good deal clients log by default (Gaim, Trillian). And who knows how many packet sniffers your data runs through bouncing off routers around the planet before arriving to where it should be. Sure one might connect to IRC though a secure connection but most people don't so the data still flies over the internet unencrypted, and logged by someone or something, somewhere.

Hell, I keep logs just so I can prove somebody wrong two years later. (and don't think I haven't, LOL)

However, keep them for registered members only, one of the things that annoys me is when Google results on me turn up IRC stats and logs instead of actual useful information. I usually use the Google tool to submit URL for deletion when that happens, heheh.

public irc log records

I really disapprove of public irc logs php-gtk is not really a subject alot of people are interested in if they want to view the log that much they will register. some view from irc :-

<user1> i am unhappy to say the least about the current php-gtk poll
<user1> er, the results of.
<user2> which poll?
<user1> yes the one about the irc logs
<user1> i voted for "only for registered users"
<user2> i voted for drop 'em all
<user2> don't wanna have my logs published anywhere without my knowledge/permission
<user2> matter of principle
<user1> even if my choice was not the winner
<user1> i would rather your choice win then
<user1> instead of public

I know I just posted a public irc log but its a very small quote and names have been changed for users privacy.

here is a quote from an iec chat in irc://

<user1> If you're going to publish logs then the channel members need to be aware of it ahead of time.
<user2> well we are holding a poll on are site but the results so far are pushing towards public instead of registered users to our site.
<user1> The policy is that if you are going to publish logs then you must acquire consent.
<user1> Saying "Logs are published at ...." in the topic is enough.
<user1> But not retroactively.

IRC Logging and the channel topic

I think there should be a topic update informing users of the channel of the fact that:

  • there's a helper bot on the channel, and pointing to its help page
  • mentioning that the logs will be available to registered users on the site

This would probably be the best solution.

Actually, I think there are several other bots logging the channel, but the others haven't been disclosed (and should be). But that's another topic.

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