PHPGTK-HTML + read()

I installed phpgtk in my two computers;
windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 Prof.
they run fine, however,
0X.-There is NO way I could install
and the corresponding extensions.
1.- error "missing gtkhtml.....
(Corrected as suggested by elisabeth...
2.- error: "mising gtkORBIT.........
Gave up. Note: All other extensions work fine
3.- Have used phpinfo to find out details of the php version used for phpgtk.
c:/phpgtk/php-win.exe c:/phpgtk/examples/ppinfo.php > file.txt
and so it was php 5.2.5 and gtk something 12... noticed that there is no reference to the mail finction in php so I added that and is working fine; mainly copying and activating the extensions within php-cli.ini so I can use imap.dll, mysql.dll, etc
4.- Going through the demo the package provided I run across a function called read() tried to find out and there is no reference about it within the whole manual, nor from any gtk manual; however,
only c language manuals write about it. Could someone explain if ALL functions are documented or there are lots of missing detalis?
5.- finally I have one phpgtk projects with two alternatives, one of them uses classes and the other only functions. Which one is better? or more practical? or more portable?
6.- Hope someday, all new computers will have installed a copy of phpgtkcwith extensions and even mobiles, when anyone buys one.


Use the forum for support questions

Hi Franco. For such posts, you would probably stand a better chance of getting an answer if you posted your question in the forum instead of creating a blog article. Go to the PHP-GTK install forum

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