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I created a new PHP-GTK group in the Open Source University Meetup from SUN. The link is:



screenshot for <application name />PHP-Editor is a program developed in Php-Gtk using Glade and GtkBuilder.

This is a very structured program that allows up to 9 tab (which is the point of having more?), the usual options of a text editor but with the code and highlight the most important thing is the tooltip on the traditional functions of PHP with their explanation.

The package contains the generator to the database of words that must be written in a particular way and is controllable from the command line in order to compress.

Is RocketDMS really built with PHP-GTK?

Question from one of the PHP-GTK members:

"I looked at your submission for RocketDMS on, and from the screenshots on your site, the app does not look like php-gtk at all. Is it really done in PHP-GTK ?"


Absolutely 100%! It uses gtk 2.0 (2.10) and uses libwimp giving it a native windows look and feel. The screenshots are from Windows XP.


Team Traduttori

Qui ci sono i coraggiosi membri della community che si occupano della traduzione di Nella parentesi il loro nick in IRC #php-gtk:

Jan Popsisil (Fosfor)
Frédéric G. Marand (osinet)
Harald Thoeny (seraphim)
Daniele Scasciafratte (Mte90)
Portoghese (Brazil)
Elvis Oliveira (Elvis)

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Auto completamento per PHP-GTK in Eclipse PDT

Abilitare il completamento automatico del codice in PHP-GTK2 in Eclipse PDT per un progetto è veramente semplice. Il seguente esempio è stato fatto in Windows, ma i passaggi sono gli stessi degli altri sistemi operativi:

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