PHP-GTK 2 is Here !

After a long development and QA cycle, we are proud to release version 2.0 of PHP-GTK. This release, named leap day special, marks PHP-GTK 2 as stable and comes with support for GTK+ versions 2.6 through 2.12. Although support for more recent versions than 2.8 is not 100% complete, we hope to cover as much of the API as possible in upcoming releases.

This release comes with support for custom GTypes and signals, more API coverage, and the usual slew of bug fixes. Take a look at the Changelog for detailed information on changes since the beta.

If you're looking to learn PHP-GTK, the documentation is a great place to start. There's also an excellent book from Apress by Scott Mattocks on the topic. We hope you will enjoy developing applications with PHP-GTK 2. Please don't hesitate to file bug reports at the bug tracker, or give us feedback on the php-gtk-general mailing list. Have fun!


changes in types

  • there are many changes in type definitions now. For example, before we where writing : GtkListStore(Gtk::TYPE_STRING), now it's GtkListStore(GtkListStore::TYPE_STRING);
  • I have also a problem with Gtk::io_add_watch() ; : I can't find where the new defines for Gtk::IO_HUP, Gtk::IO_IN, Gtk::IO_ERR are.
I am very happy to see the final 2.0 version. Now I hope php-gtk2.0 will be packaged on many Linux distributions, especially Debian and Ubuntu. I'm sorry but now, I can't give much time to php-gtk community.

so, for Gtk::IO_*, it's for

so, for Gtk::IO_*, it's a Gobject method, so right answer is : Gobject::IO_*

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