PHP-GTK on Vista Memory Issue

Hello ,

Yesterday I encountered a weird thing. I created an application to manage pictures on your computer to easily upload then to your website.

My work station is WinXp system and my friend where I had to create it for has the new Vista and somewhere over 9000 pictures to be managed. On my system everything worked fine, but on my friends system i always got the error can not open file .

So first I thought that it was because he has a french Vista and it had something to do with the special characters in french I tried with the iconv() function to get it good , but still same problem.

Then I tried to load only 10 pictures and wonderfully it worked. So then I started wondering ... I was working in console mode like mostly when you do testing in PHP-GTK2. I tried to run it directly from the file explorer with the PHP-WIN version, and after 2 minutes 9000 pictures where scaled and show in thumbnail view.

So if you encounter stuff like this , maybe there is a way to tell vista console mode to use more memory
Or just run it directly.

Hope Fully this little article is usefull.

Kind Regards
Wim Stockman