Contribution to php gtk2 manual. Why not available?

Why we cannot contribute to the online manual, it always says "The PHP-GTK manual notes system is off-line at present" in this address:

I mean kind like the web php manual which is full of user entries.

Thank you!

Recurring question!

This is a recurring topic on the mailing list. The answer, in short, is that :

  1. each of the few persons actively involved with PHP-GTK has already far too much on her hands with the code base to also care for the site.
  2. I could do it, as I am mostly a PHP-GTK user and not contributor, but this would have to be using Drupal, but... "heavy" frameworks are not compatible with the comparatively limited (wrt actual traffic served) server resources of if you checkout the source of the existing site, you will notice if is extremely leightweight.
  3. offloading the "notes" data from to a site like this one ( is not favorably considered by the powers that be, and would require some more code to be adapted on anyway, leading back to 1.

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