Claquete - Controle de Dvdtecas

O Claquete é um aplicativo simples e intuitivo que irá ajudá-lo a registrar e controlar a sua coleção de dvds, mantendo os seus títulos sempre organizados e catalogados.

How to: PHP 5.3 with PHP-GTK and Cairo on Linux Mint 9

At the moment there are some minor problems when trying to get a working installation of PHP with GTK running on Ubuntu based systems. Here is a quick walk through of how you can get this all set up with the trunks from GTK and Cairo and the official package for php-cli in 10 easy steps. This installation was originally done on Linux Mint 9 but should work with most Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

PHPKetchup Project


Many web-developers complain about switching to desktop applications simply because they are built using Java or C# language. PHP, they say, is one of the most professional and widely supported web programming languages and is cross-platform, so why give that up for Java or C#?

pkSFX - yet another setup program

Remember pkTail and pkStart and pkTheme?
Today, I'm pleased to introduce pkSFX to you.

All these tools are shipped with the pkTypical pack available at sourceforge.

Well. Imagine that you have written a new application, or a new version of that app, and now is the time to deploy... This is going to be the easiest task of the project, thanks to pkSFX - Yet Another Setup Program!


Code completion for PHP-GTK in Netbeans

Jose Antonio Bayona Medina has put up a slideshow demonstrating how to use the basic technique outlined in this chapter to add PHP-GTK 2 autocompletion in Netbeans 6.7.

Creating a Google Translator with PHP-GTK 2

In SintoniaPHP, I've posted a tutorials to create a translator client with PHP-GTK2 using Google Translator service.

The posts links are:

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