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How to: PHP 5.3 with PHP-GTK and Cairo on Linux Mint 9

At the moment there are some minor problems when trying to get a working installation of PHP with GTK running on Ubuntu based systems. Here is a quick walk through of how you can get this all set up with the trunks from GTK and Cairo and the official package for php-cli in 10 easy steps. This installation was originally done on Linux Mint 9 but should work with most Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

Accessing geo-nick with Pear XML_RPC2

Here you will find another version using PEAR's XML_RPC2 package.

It also converts the values returned into a RDF xml:

Equipe de tradução

Aqui estão os corajosos membros da comunidade a cargo das traduções nacionais do Em parênteses é o seu apelido no IRC #php-gtk:

Jan Popsisil (Fosfor)
Harald Thoeny (seraphim)
Frédéric G. Marand (osinet)
Português (Brasil)
Elvis Oliveira (Elvis)

Gostaria de se juntar a equipe? Apênas contate-nos.

About Me

Ok so about me

I'm 25 years old I live in London (UK), I work as a PHP dev for an e-commerce company.

I like to use PHP to do creative things like CMSs (I do allot of work with our CMS @ work).

The first language I learnt is JavaScript like PHP it's syntax is rooted in C so it's easy to read.

I like to use XHTML/JS/CSS to make cool GUIs (with jQuery too). now supports OpenID login

OpenID logo So you forgot your password to once more ? No longer be weary, you can now login to the site with your favorite OpenID credentials, and forget the site-specific password.

Exporting geo-nick information to GoogleEarth

Inspired by Marc Quinton I made an application for on-line generating KML files with the GPS coordinates of developers here. It can be used as a simple example of using some Gtk widget, PHP DOM extension, XMLRPC and for flying over our heads - enjoy :)

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