Locating PHP-GTK developers

The "personal information" tab of user profiles on the community site include optional fields that allow geo-information to be stored and communicated: "latitude" and "longitude".

The site offers geo-nick, a simplistic API to obtain this information coupled with the optional IRC nick field, to allow any developer to create mashups showing community PHP-GTK developers, as identified by nickname (no actual name information is made available through this API) on a map.

See the service parameters.

Results to be expected

If you were to invoke the service today as: gtkphpnet.geo_nick('b', 3), here are the results you should be receiving:

    [bb7] => Array
            [0] => 47.227
            [1] => 8.819

    [ben-fr] => Array
            [0] => 43.30097
            [1] => -0.371754

    [blahjake] => Array
            [0] => 28.90421
            [1] => -81.26054


Take note of the fact that the data are not checked for validity when users input them, so they may be incomplete (no + sign, for instance), or in an invalid format: it is up to you, as the data user, to check them before you use them.

The next page shows a minimal example demonstrating how to use the service from a PHP-GTK2 client application.

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